Wedding Planner Turns Wedding Party Into Demolition Team Saving Over 200 Houston Homes

(Photos by Ama by Aisha)

On Monday, August 28 Kat Creech, an event planner, and Harvey Relief Coalition member based in Houston texted 2 clients she was planning a wedding for, Sarah and Mohsin regarding their wedding scheduled over Labor Day weekend. Due to Harvey’s destruction, Kat and the soon to be newlyweds agreed that the possibility of a wedding taking place that weekend was out of the question. When asked if they wanted to move forward in any way with their plans to tie the knot, their answer was simple:

“There’s no way we could possibly start our marriage in a time of crisis and tragedy. We’d like to postpone and lift humanity instead.” – Bride & Groom to be

She was really taken back by their selfless act and got right into action by pitching to them the idea of doing some recovery work, and getting the wedding party of 50-75 of their friends and family to join in these efforts, and they agreed.

Kat with the soon to be newlyweds.

As a planner, she moved into the logistics of how to organize a large group, where do they go, supplies, safety, and how to muck. She was looking for an organization that does recovery. What she found is that this type of organization didn’t yet exist. She was really taken back since there are great crisis organizations on the front end, such as the first responders and shelters. On the back end there are rebuild organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Houston, but no organizations for the nucleus of recovery. Kat linked in with 3 other like minded people who wanted to help her lead this crew, Kim Comer, who’s been a phenomenal leader of the ground teams, Bryan Wesley and Jason Fajkus and immediately, Recovery Houston was founded. On September 1st, Kat, Kim, Jason and the wedding party, cleared out their first 6 houses with the wedding party (pics below)

Since then Recovery Houston has gone on to set up a command center, onboard hundreds of volunteers, and cleared out and saved over 200 homes and counting. If you’d like to volunteer with them call 832-548 0974. If you need a house mucked, call 936-931-8098, they’d be happy to help. You can connect with them via their facebook group as well or stop by their command center at 4560 West 34th St in Houston.