Our mission is to keep our Coalition of Harvey Relief & Recovery organizations connected, networked and going strong. We provide a wide array of immediate ways to assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey while making a major difference on the ground, all across Texas.

Coalition members have banded together to share volunteer info, supplies, resources, and financial aid raised through this site making us more effective (as a unit) helping those in need, on the ground. If you’re a grassroots organization providing shelter, man/woman power, supplies, resources, financial aid, mucking or assistance with FEMA paperwork please reach out to us and coalition members will be in touch.

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Coalition Members

The Cajun Army

The Cajun Army are the brother/sister org to the Cajun Navy Rescuers, they’re an almost 18,000 people-powered-volunteer-led demolition and housing (for volunteers) org who connects the mold-remediation needs of the Harvey impacted community with those willing to serve.

Harvey Relief

Harvey Relief brought the people of Texas and Louisiana the People Powered Harvey Relief and Rescue maps powered by thousands of digital volunteers at the onset of the storm and used by so many to find resources, shelter and people in need of Rescue. Harvey Relief continues to provide tech-ops, and networking skills to Harviers in need.

Recovery Houston

Recovery Houston is a volunteer grassroots movement providing relief and assistance to homeowners affected during a crisis. We connect eager volunteers ready to lend a helping hand with housing clean-up and mucking. Since the organization’s inception on September 1, 2017, their Facebook Group has grown to over a staggering 4,200 followers, with continued growth by the minute. They have assembled a tremendous volunteer group and have already demoed/mucked/cleaned 200+ homes throughout the Greater Houston Area, with the goal of continuing our efforts well after Hurricane Harvey relief efforts conclude.